Goals And Objectives

Short-Term Goals

  • To build the 0.7 MW Rajgarh mini-hydro facility in the State of Punjab, India.
  • To build the 0.5 MW Tibba mini-hydro facility, Punjab, India
  • To build the 4 MW solar project in British Columbia
  • To acquire a 8 MW small-hydro power plant in northern India.
  • To bring additional projects from soft pipeline status (potential/under discussions) into hard pipeline status (under contract)

Mid-Term Goals

  • To secure a minimum 150 MW pipeline of small/mini-hydro and solar PV projects
  • To secure steady funding for P2 Solar’s growth plans, in India and elsewhere globally
  • To list the company‚Äôs shares on a small-cap senior stock exchange (NASDAQ, TSX)